The Hollywood Beauty Detective seeks to redefine beauty.
By challenging the “western beauty myth” and exploring other versions of beauty,
our goal is to create a more inclusive version of beauty.

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No one is you. That is your power.

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The Hollywood Beauty Detective: I Refuse To Wear Angel Wings

As The Hollywood Beauty Detective, I am all about supporting…
Feature Film Equity

The Conversation: Suzanne Curry, Co-Producer of Film "Equity"

The Hollywood Beauty Detective recently asked Suzanne Ordas Curry, Media Consultant and Co-Producer of the newly released Sony Pictures Classics film, Equity, to talk about the movie, how she got involved, and what it was like working with a mostly all-female production.

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Cleansers vs. Exfoliators: Why Do I Need Both?

BY:  Amber Grace Washing your face is extremely important.…
Egypt Ufele, creator of ChubbiLine

Reclaiming Beauty: In the Midst of a Female Revolution

If there is any doubt that women are in the midst of a tremendous…

Confessions of a Product Junkie: My Beauty Philosophy

By Guest Blogger:  Amber Grace When you see this picture, I'm…
Hillary Clinton

What Is A Leader: Cracking the Glass Ceiling With Hillary

Tonight, Tuesday, July 26, 2016, history was made: Hillary…

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WARRIOR UP, LADIES!! Read why We LOVE Rose McGowan, when she responds to critic of Renee Zellweger’s face as “Vile, Damaging, Stupid, and Cruel,” for The Hollywood Reporter.

Watch Holly’s Dec. 11th interview on Live on Lakeside!

From Tom Hanks: “Holly Fulger – Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival Class of ’77! She has a message re: Hollywood Glamor Machine.

The Geek Initiative: “2015 Women in Geek Culture: My Top 18 Heroes

The Huffington Post via Stacey Alcorn: “Why I Joined The Hollywood Beauty Detective Movement

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Wouldn’t it be glorious to have other versions of beauty to look to and understand rather than judging them?”Holly Fulger

Holly Fulger (Actress, Writer and Producer)

Beauty is the goodness within that shines through to the outside.”Peris Kibera

Peris Kibera (Mother, Practitioner and Scholar)

Beauty is having a voice. I empower women to advocate for their health, find safe non-toxic products, and change the world.”Lindsay Dahl

Lindsay Dahl (Writer and Activist)

Being fashionable is believing in your own inner beauty! I help women live brightly by accessorizing inner beauty with style!”Christi Guthrie

Christi Guthrie (Writer)

There’s beauty in building empires, creating jobs, empowering leaders, and fueling the economy.”Stacey Alcorn

Stacey Alcorn (Entrepreneur, Blogger…)

As a makeup artist, I can help you discover how makeup can be used to bring your inner beauty forward.”Melissa McNamara

Melissa McNamara (Beauty Director, The Hollywood Beauty Detective)

Beauty is nurturing your authentic self in spite of the demands of everyday life.”Courtney Cummins

Courtney Cummins (Mother, Business Woman and Blogger)

I try not to think about beauty too much — it makes me feel self-conscious. I’m at my best when discovering it in other people.”Vickery Eckhoff

Vickery Eckhoff (Writer and Blogger)