The Hollywood Beauty Detective seeks to redefine beauty.
By challenging the “western beauty myth” and exploring other versions of beauty,
our goal is to create a more inclusive version of beauty.

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Wouldn’t it be glorious to have other versions of beauty to look to and understand rather than judging them?”Holly Fulger

Holly Fulger (Actress, Writer and Producer)

As a makeup artist, I can help you discover how makeup can be used to bring your inner beauty forward.”Melissa McNamara

Melissa McNamara (Beauty Director, The Hollywood Beauty Detective)

Let the beauty you possess on the inside shine on the outside.”Amber Grace, Makeup Artist

Amber Grace (Beauty & Self Expression through Makeup

Fashion and beauty are ways of self-expression in a sea of college students.”

McKenna Kasper (Beauty for the College Student Blogger)

Loving yourself is one of the most radical things you can do in a society that profits from your self-hate. So let’s be rad.”

Elizabeth Birmingham (Beauty & Self Love Blogger)