Big Girls Like Us: The Elephant in the Room

Being a “big girl” in a society that is obsessed with the “ideal” body (petite, uniform, thigh gap like the Grand Canyon) definitely has its challenges. Besides the fact that places like the pool or the beach cause a tremendous amount of anxiety and self-loathing – and most “trendy” stores do not design clothes to compliment your curves […]

We Need to Talk

I am a social media junkie. I spent a lot of time scrolling my various news feeds, clicking on articles, reading editorials, and trying to keep-up on both “important” news, and all of the “other” news that falls into the categories of health, entertainment, scandals, etc. Most of the time my news feed is filled […]


  To be twenty again. So badly do I wish for a re-do of my twenties, that it’s almost painful to post this. Now I am NOT saying that I would ever want to trade-in my kids, husband, friends, or college degree (which all came from my twenties), but I sure wouldn’t mind tweaking a few […]

Courtney Cummins, Blogger

Finding My Voice

When I was younger my voice was loud. It was ferocious, and irreverent, and it could never be “shushed,” much to the chagrin of my parents I’m sure. My father used to tell me, “you will either take over the world, or you are in for a rough road.” I didn’t believe him at the […]