LA Hairstylist Sascha Breuer Adds Homeless to Celebrity Client Roster

LA hairstylist Sascha Breuer was in New York City this week on behalf of one of his A-list clients attending the Met Gala — and no, he wouldn’t say who it was (though I’m guessing Naomi Campbell).

Cosmetics CEO Yanks Facebook Post Mocking Women’s March

The criticism may have died down for the owner of the Joy of Knitting in Franklin, Tennessee, who banned women from buying her yarn to make pink pussy hats for the women’s march. But another storm may be brewing for Alexandra Whitcombe, the CEO and founder of Vendome Beauté, whose personal Facebook profile was hastily taken […]

The Misuses of Flattery

Unwanted compliments? Sister, I feel you. And it’s not just men who are offenders. I was walking up Lexington Avenue in New York City recently, when a young woman smiled brightly at me from outside a shop. “I like your hat!” she crooned. It was indeed a standout: a vintage, authentic men’s Panama hat that […]