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The Conversation: Suzanne Curry, Co-Producer of Film “Equity”

The Hollywood Beauty Detective recently asked Suzanne Ordas Curry, Media Consultant and Co-Producer of the newly released Sony Pictures Classics film, Equity, to talk about the movie, how she got involved, and what it was like working with a mostly all-female production.

Brenda Strong on Beauty in Hollywood

Actress, Brenda Strong

Actress, Brenda Strong

My relationship to beauty has been a strange journey. My parents had five girls and one boy, so you can imagine how that went. My sisters and I would do each others hair, share clothes (hand me downs since I was the youngest) and play games together. My mother and father valued nature, music, books, art, and education. We were led by example by two people with great integrity. We were rewarded with praise for our actions, our kindness, our intelligence, but never our beauty. Read more