The Dazzler

The Dazzler

It is never too late to be who you might have been. ~ George Elliot

You love the spotlight and for you every day is an opportunity to express yourself in some way. You have an amazingly strong aesthetic sense, from fashion to a well-appointed home. You know what’s attractive the moment you see it. You aren’t afraid to change your surroundings to reflect your personal style. You are naturally curious, exploring new designs and styles with ease. For The Dazzler, your innate sense of style and fashion are one of your many forms of expression. You love to experiment with new styles, and constantly find new ways to stick out in the crowd.

Inspirations: Tyra Banks, Beyonce

Apply the Look

See the Look in Episode 1 - The Dazzler

See the Look in Episode 1 – The Dazzler

1. Eyes:
Prime: Apply the light shade from lash line to brow bone, all over as a wash of color.

Shine: Blend the shimmery coral on the lid and through the crease.

Combine: As a base for the eyeliner, smudge the upper and lower lash lines with the green shadow.   In the outer corner, you can blend into the crease for a little added flair!


Line the inner rim with the Mermaid Pencil Liner and smudge into the lash line. Then go back with the Green eyeshadow over the line to give the eyes more sparkle.

2. Cheeks:

Sweep the Georgia Peach Blush onto the apples of the cheeks and blend up and into the brow bone. This frames the eyes and brings the whole look together!


The highlighter is used to light up – or focus attention to – the high parts of the face. The tops of the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, above and below the brows.

The contour can create depth – or pull the focus away – to re-shape the face. Apply under the cheekbones, along the hairline, and under the chin.

3. Lips:
Lipstick Apply a base coat of Apricot Shimmer Lipstick for the gloss or use by itself to get a pearly glow! Lip Gloss Gold Lip Sparklettes is the perfect finish for the Dazzler. Load on a little or lot to get a shimmery, glossy glow.