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Five Easy Steps for Beautiful Smoky Eye Shadow

  1. Choose the color palette you want to work with.
    You will need a light, medium, and dark shade. The light one should be slightly lighter than your skin tone. The medium should be slight darker than your skin tone, but still slightly nude in shade. Now have fun choosing what dark shade you want! Basic black, peacock teal, whatever your fancy is!

  2. Apply the light shade all over as a wash.
    Pat the color all over your lid, from lash line to brow bone. Don’t worry about blending just yet.

  3. Smokey eye step 3 Line the inner rims of your eyes.
    I like to use mostly black, but if you choose to match your dark shade, just make sure that your liner is waterproof and dark enough to line the inner rim solidly. Try one of those gel liners, I find they work the best!

  4. Smudge the dark color into the lash line, encircling the eye.
    Use a brush that is short and dense, like a bullet brush. Smudge the dark shade in between the upper and bottom lashes, and blend over the lid. Do not go too far into the crease.

  5. Blend the medium shade into the crease.
    Use a contour brush to pick up the medium shade, use this to blend all 3 colors together. Swish the brush back and forth through the crease like a windshield wiper. Also, twirl the brush through the crease using tiny little circle motions. The idea is not see where one color starts and the next begins.

Final smokey eye

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Melissa McNamara
Melissa’s passion for makeup artistry began over 25 years ago when she discovered the art of making women look and feel beautiful. That experience has shaped a long career working behind the scene at magazine shoots, at fashion week and leading seminars teaching artistry techniques. Her 10 years as an artistry educator delivers real-life experience and hands-on expertise. Melissa has her own makeup artistry school and teaches women one-on-one, and group workshops how to discover their beauty from the inside out. Melissa is the co-creator of The Hollywood Beauty Detective’s 10 Legendary Looks, and designed the makeup for each look.
Melissa McNamara

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