The Leader

The Leader

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has. ~ Margaret Mead

Being a Leader makes you a person of action.  You have a natural confidence that begets influence. You radiate confidence and are unafraid to stand up and speak your mind. You are courageous and self-assured, and have faith in yourself and your own value. You believe to your core that the development of one’s talents and abilities is essential. This makes you driven to improve yourself and become the very best you can be, because your goal is to achieve your vision and have a lasting influence. People are drawn to you because of your graciousness, personal accomplishments, and your ability to make things happen.

Inspirations: Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie

Apply the Look

The Leader1.Eyes:
Prime: Apply the light shade from lash line to brow bone, all over as a wash of color.

Combine: Use the darkest shade to encircle the eye, using a small eye shadow brush.

Shine: Place the middle shade on top of the darker shade and blend into the crease.

Smudge Pencil Smoke

This is the finishing touch to your smoky eye! Apply the creamy stick to the inner upper and lower lids. Use your small eye shadow brush to blend the creamy pencil into the dark shadow.

2. Cheeks:

Sweep the Mauve Rose Blush along the tops of the cheekbones.


The highlighter is used to light up – or focus attention to – the high parts of the face. The tops of the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, above and below the brows.

The contour can create depth – or pull the focus away – to re-shape the face. Apply under the cheekbones, along the hairline, and under the chin.

3. Lips:
Lip Liner

Softly line the lips with Mocha Mauve Lip Liner, creating a lightly diffused line.


Place the Posh Gloss over the lips, and use the wand to blend out nay line left from the lip liner.