The Beauty In Our Tears

Do we deny our greatness by seeking happiness? Life is an uncomfortable string of events seasoned with a mix of people, some who comfort us, teach us, hurt us, and some who love us. There are moments of joy and happiness, but these are unsustainable. Although we all seek an ongoing sense of bliss, perhaps […]

This is What Beautiful Is

I think as women, we spend our entire lives trying to figure out what beauty is. Who doesn’t want to be beautiful? We all do. Unfortunately, we spend too much time looking in all the wrong places. We look for it in Cosmo. We wonder if that’s in on the fashion runway. We can’t help […]

How to Work a Room Like You Own It

  What most people don’t know about me is that I’m a closet introvert. Given the choice between sitting in my favorite chair and reading books by myself for 4 hours or pivoting around a cocktail event full of strangers making new friends by the minute, I’d choose the books. Those that know me would […]

6 Beautiful Traits of Women Who Run Kick Ass Businesses

I’ve spent more than twenty years of my career building my real estate empire (always in fabulous shoes of course) and I’ve come to learn that the traits needed for women who wield power in business are a bit different than the traits required for men. We girls bring emotions, femininity, community, and style to […]