The Seeker

The Seeker

Behind every success is endeavor…behind endeavor, ability…behind ability, knowledge…behind knowledge, a seeker.  ~ Anonymous

As a Seeker you follow a deeply held set of ideals, generated from within. You gather information internally and form conclusions and opinions based on your hunches or feelings. You are the quintessential nurturer, sensitive to others and in tune with the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of those around you. You seek stillness in your life and often long for a bond with the universe, working toward that end by investigating many avenues of spiritual exploration. Recognizing the simple wonders of life fills you with gratitude and awe. You crave peace of mind and harmony with your world and work toward being awake to your true nature and tuned in to your “inner voice.”

Inspirations: Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton

Apply the Look

The Seeker1. Eyes
Prime: Apply the light shade from lash line to brow bone, all over as a wash of color.

Shine: Use the middle shade of mauve on the lid and blend up into the crease.

Combine: The dark chocolate shade is used to define the eye. Create a sideways “v” – > – in the outer corner of the eye, and blend slightly into the crease. If you like a lower liner, use this shade in between the bottom lashes to define the eye.

Smudge Pencil Champagne

For the inner eye, create the same sideways “v”, – < - using the Smudge Pencil. You can use your finger to blend the shimmery, light shade into the other colors. This will brighten, and open up your eyes. 2. Cheeks:

Use Bella Blush to frame the face and to focus attention on the eyes. Apply the blush in a sweeping motion on the cheekbone and into the crease of the eye.


The highlighter is used to light up – or focus attention to – the high parts of the face. The tops of the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, above and below the brows.

The contour can create depth – or pull the focus away – to re-shape the face. Apply under the cheekbones, along the hairline, and under the chin.

3. Lips:
Lip Liner

Line your lips with the neutral lip liner. To give the lipstick extra staying power, fill in the lips completely with the liner.


Canyon Lipstick will bring the whole look together! Fill in your lips with the creamy shade of mauve.