Summertime Skin in the Winter

Even though it’s winter, it’s nice to have glowing, tan skin without the damaging effects of the sun. Here’s my recipe for getting that “I just got home from a vacation in Maui” look…Glowing tan skin

tan-towelFor an all-over natural looking tan, you can’t go wrong with a TanTowel. It is an individually wrapped pre-moistened towelette. It has just enough clear non-smelly self tanner to get a nice even tan. It’s even safe for your face… WARNING – They come in half body and full body applications. I always get the full body, even if I don’t use it on my face. It doesn’t cost too much more and you get a much better value! My favorite place to buy these are from Amazon Prime – $34.68 for a 15-pack!!!

If you are still the type of person who doesn’t like self-tanner – there are still lots of ways to look naturally kissed by the sun!

Stila aqua glowTap a little highlighting gel in bronze on the tops of your cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, and tops of brows – The places on the face where the sun would naturally hit. I like this one from Stila, called Aqua Glow. It’s a limited edition you can buy from Sephora Online.

Guerlain Terracotta BronzerSelect a bronzer that’s not too orange, you don’t want to look like an Oompa Loompa!!! I prefer one that has a little shimmer, and chunks of different shades of bronze, like the classic Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer. This way you get a blended application of different shades.

I love to use a fan brush to apply the bronzer. That way you get a feather light application without streaking.

Make sure you tap the brush to remove excess product before you apply!

Beginning at the temples, apply the bronzer by creating an arc over the cheekbone. Think of it as creating a rainbow of bronzer to highlight your bone structure.

Bronze your hairline and forehead, over the top of the nose (where your sunglasses would hit), and the chin. Get all the spots where the sun would naturally hit.

I always finish up the look by sweeping bronzer through the crease of the eye. It pulls the look altogether!!

Apply a little mascara and a pinky gloss, and you have a beautiful, sun kissed glow!!

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Melissa McNamara
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