The Hollywood Beauty Detective: I Refuse To Wear Angel Wings

As The Hollywood Beauty Detective, I am all about supporting brands that want to reinvent the way we approach beauty, body image, and fashion. Challenging and demanding new and more diverse versions of beauty is what we need to continue to do. Read more

Shaking the Tree

TMZYesterday I saw a piece TMZ posted showing a new unaired lingerie commercial from Lane Bryant. The ad features three models, one of whom is Ashley Graham. All the models defy the “Western Beauty Ideal” (all three models are over a size 8). Read more

Big Girls Like Us: The Elephant in the Room

56be0c891a00009c01ab2903Being a “big girl” in a society that is obsessed with the “ideal” body (petite, uniform, thigh gap like the Grand Canyon) definitely has its challenges. Besides the fact that places like the pool or the beach cause a tremendous amount of anxiety and self-loathing – and most “trendy” stores do not design clothes to compliment your curves – the biggest hurdle is by far, the feeling that, by society’s standards, you’re just not good enough. Read more