You Are Worth The Time!

It’s time for some real talk ladies!

Being beautiful isn’t just about what skincare, makeup or hair products and tools you use.  It’s about being the person you are on the inside. Often times, we forget to take care of ourselves –  yet we expect to have some kind of miracle “potion” to make us beautiful.  What we don’t realize that we need to take the time to rejuvenate ourselves body, soul and mind.

When I was a little girl I remember seeing my mom get ready every morning by putting on her makeup and styling her hair. I use to love to watch my mom put on her makeup. She would usually shoo me out of the room but the impact of her actions has helped to make me the woman I am today. I was just sixteen when my mom – she was so beautiful to me.  Seeing her “put on her face” made her realize her strength on the inside her ability to shine on the outside. This action taught me the value of taking time for myself.

Ladies, our lives are like a checkbook. We have a full checkbook so we keep writing checks without making sure our account has enough money to cover everything. We write our lives away paying everyone but ourselves and we end up broke and left with nothing left to give. Just because we have checks left in our wallet, doesn’t mean we have enough money to cover our payment.

It’s so frustrating for me to hear, “I don’t have time” but really how useful and effective are we when we have nothing left to give to our friends, loved ones, and our jobs with the mere pennies we have left at the bottom of our purse?

You know all it really takes is a few minutes to get enough gas to help you go those couple extra miles through out the day. You are worth taking the time to put on your favorite lipstick or a quick coat of mascara or even a couple curls in your hair instead of the usual messy bun on top of your head.

Let’s stop the “I don’t have time” excuses and let’s all remember WE ARE WORTH THE TIME!

Submitted by: Amber Grace

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Amber Grace

Amber Grace

Amber has been in the cosmetic industry for more than a decade. She is a skilled makeup artist and loves showing women how to achieve a new look. She is thrilled to be a part of THBD's team, because she has found that helping women find their own beauty is her most powerful tool...something THBD is all about. She believes that with THBD's 10 Legendary Looks, she can help women find the beauty they posses and allow them the freedom to express it.
Amber Grace

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  1. Nancy says:

    I couldn’t agree more! I like it when I give myself a spruce up, even if it’s just for eyes only. I feel more put together and ready for “just in case” situations..😊


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